Pawn / Cash Loan

So you have all this stuff lying around, or you’re moving and don’t have time for a yard sale. Here at BUY HERE, SELL HERE!, you can turn your jewelry, broken gold, electronics, computers and tools into cash! But before you can do that, you need to understand the process.

What we do is loan cash on merchandise. Most items of value can be brought to our location and left for collateral on a cash loan. We accept most major brands of electronics, including TVs (Plasma, LCD, LED), DVD players, Blu-Ray players, musical instruments, home stereos, power and hand tools, desktop computers and laptops, video game systems and games, firearms, watches, scrap gold, sterling silverware, gold, and diamond jewelry. Loans are subjected to a 6% interest charge dependant on the amount of the loan. All loans are made for 90 days, but can be renewed for another 30 days with a simple monthly payment of the amount of the interest and storage.

All you need is an item of value and a valid state identification or driver’s license. Sorry, no credit cards, library cards or work IDs can be accepted.

Items not reclaimed or renewed on time will be placed for sale on our sales floor or sold online.


Do you want instant cash?, We can give you cash on the spot for your items! To sell to us you still need valid state identification or driver’s license.


We are a licensed firearms dealer, and take handguns, rifles and shotguns in pawn, as well, we buy and sell firearms. It is necessary for us to do a NICS Federal background check on you when you pick up your pawned weapon. This will take some additional time and could take up to 3 bussines days before we can release your firearm to you.

We are not only able to buy and sell firearms, but can also do out-of-state firearm transfers.

How to Order a Gun Online guide