How to Order a Gun Online

If you buy gun from us


Contact a local dealer and arrange for them to conduct the transfer (receive the firearm from us). Be sure that they are aware that a firearm will be sent to them on your behalf, and that they agree to this. Also, be sure that any and all fees associated with the transfer are agreed upon prior to the order being placed.


Have your local dealer fax a copy of their FFL (Federal Firearms License) to us or email it. Please ensure that the fax or email includes your full name, phone number and firearms description. If you need assistance locating a dealer, please visit GunBroker FFL Search or  FFL GunDealers.


Once your order has been paid and shipped, you will receive an email notification that includes basic information about your order such as a tracking/confirmation number. Your firearm is shipped with a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) as well as your contact information so that your local dealer has no problem contacting you upon arrival.


f you buy gun from out of state (FFL Transfer)


Contact us with seller’s information, we will send a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) to them. After you paid seller for firearm and shipping, they will send it to us. Please be sure that they put copy of their FFL as well as your contact information in the package. From private seller we need copy of their a valid Government issued photo ID.


When the firearm arrives and you are ready to pick it up you must bring a valid Government issued photo ID with your correct address, fill out ATF Form 4473 at our store and we do NICS check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). It takes 10-15 minutes usually, but can be delay up to 3 bussines days. Transfer fee is $25.