We pay top cash for gold and jewelry.

Information about Selling or Trade Your Scrap Gold or Jewelry.

Over the years, your jewelry box can become cluttered with pieces of old or worn out jewelry that you no longer wear.

If you have old scrap gold in the form of broken, unworn or unwanted jewelry, bring it into any of our 2 locations and we will buy it from you and pay immediate cash in the form of an official check.

We pay top dollar for 10k to 24k broken gold and silver jewelry items, a few of which are listed below.

Items you might have lying around in your house may include: mismatched earrings, broken chains, broken bracelets, old earring backs, broken anklet chains, old ring mountings, old school rings, old gold charms, old gold watch cases and bracelets, out of fashion nugget style gold and more.

Or Trade…

If you are looking for a new piece of jewelry, you can trade your precious metals in towards a new purchase.

Get even more value for your gold if you put your old gold towards a new purchase at any of the 2 locations.