What do I need to get a loan?

All you need is an item of value and a valid state identification or drivers license. Sorry, no credit cards, library cards or work IDs can be accepted.

I don’t want a loan, can I sell the item to you?

If you don’t want to get your item back you can simply sell it to us. The whole process takes about as much time as getting a loan and there will be no further paperwork or future obligations.

My house was broken into and they cleaned me out! How do I know that TV isn’t mine?

If you were burglarized, your first call should never be to the local pawn shop to find your stolen goods. You should immediately contact your local police department to file a stolen property report. The best way you can protect yourself if you’re burglarized is to write down every serial number on all the electronics in your household with models numbers and descriptions and keep it in a safe place. Most items of value, whether they are electronics, musical instruments, firearms all have serial numbers to identify them. If an item is on a stolen property report and is inadvertently brought to a pawn shop, the police will be the first to know.

Why do you need all my personal information when I want a loan? And how do I know my information is safe?

We follow strict privacy laws and will never give out your personal information to anyone. We will do our best to make certain our customers happy and safe.

I had a loan here with you a year ago, but I forgot about it. Is it still there?

Unfortunately it is difficult to know without more information, such as a pawn ticket number. Once an item is taken out of pawn and sold, there is no way to know where it went. This is especially true with jewelry. We try our best to give our customers a chance to redeem their loans but if a certain amount of time goes by without hearing from you, we will have to sell your item to recoup our losses.

I lost the ticket you gave me! Can I still renew or redeem my stuff? Can my brother come and get?

Because of the system in place for keeping track of merchandise, we must charge a $2.00 fee for the lookup of a item without a ticket number. We have many items on hand and without a number to go by we must look for things by hand. This fee is simply for the time it takes us to find your item. Just come to our location, let us see your identification, and you will be on your way in no time. If you lose your ticket, only the person whose name the item is loaned on can redeem it. Whoever has the actual ticket can redeem the loan, if it signed by original pledger.

I’m ready to get my stuff, can I use my credit card to pay for it?

Because we give cash for your merchandise, we must get cash back. We cannot accept credit/debit cards, checks or money orders for redeeming a loan. If you would like to pay the interest on your loan we can accept many forms of payment. We accept most major credit/debit cards and money orders.